Michael Robinson Videoworks: Volume 1


Collection: New Releases, Single Artist Compilations

Tags: Body, Consumer culture, Found Footage, Gender, LGBTQ, Memory, Music, Television, Videoworks

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Michael Robinson Videoworks: Volume 1

Michael Robinson's video artworks evade easy categorization — defying genre, the works create their own set of rules. Using found footage, on-screen text, and various video formats, Robinson sparks vibrating frequencies between seemingly disparate parts. Michael Robinson: Videoworks Volume 1 surveys video works made between 2006-2010, exploring an abstracted landscape of media consciousness, bouncing between television, pop music, and personal experiences.

Included Titles

The General Returns from One Place to Another
Through a concurrently indulgent and skeptical experience of the beautiful, the video draws an uneasy balance between the romantic and the horrid. A nihilistic monologue (from Frank O’Hara’s play of the same title) attempts to undercut the...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: landscape, literature

Light is Waiting
A very special episode of television's Full House devours itself from the inside out, excavating a hypnotic nightmare of a culture lost at sea. Tropes of video art and family entertainment face off in a luminous orgy neither can survive. — Michael...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: found footage, image processing

Carol Anne is Dead
A family embraces the heart of evil in this Poltergeist re-make/drag show, circa 1992.


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: family, found footage, gender, performance

All Through the Night
A charred visitation with an icy language of control: "there is no room for love". Splinters of Nordic fairy tales and ecological disaster films are ground down into a prism of contradictions in this hopeful container for hopelessness. — Michael...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: found footage, literature

Hold Me Now
Plagued by blindness, sloth, and devotion, a troubled scene from Little House On The Prairie offers itself up to karaoke exorcism. — Michael Robinson


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: found footage, music video

If There Be Thorns
A dark wave of incest and magic burns across the tropics, forging a knotted trail into the black hole. Taking its title from the V.C. Andrews novel (a sequel to Flowers In The Attic), and weaving together texts from Shirley Jackson, William S....


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: family, literature

These Hammers Don't Hurt Us
Tired of underworld and overworld alike, Isis escourts her favorite son on their final curtain call down the Nile, leaving a neon wake of shattered tombs and sparkling sarcophagi.


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: found footage, hollywood, music, myth