Movement Exercises

Sarah Friedland


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Tags: Body, Dance, Performance, Ritual

Movement Exercises

A feature-length trilogy of films by filmmaker-choreographer Sarah Friedland, Movement Exercises deconstructs and revises the choreographic vocabularies of exercises practiced across home, work, and school spaces. The trilogy consists of three short films: Home Exercises (2017), Drills (2020), and Trust Exercises (2022). Movement Exercises examines the premise and promise of the exercise: that by moving together, repeatedly, we both create and recreate the social body.

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Home Exercises is a short dancefilm and hybrid documentary investigating the gestural habits and choreographies of aging individuals in their homes. This title is also available as part the Movement…

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Tags: Aging, Dance, Ritual

Sarah Friedland


2020| 00:16:44

Drills is a film about the choreography of preparing for the future. A hybrid documentary and experimental dance film reimagining the form of the Cold War-era, US government-produced social guidance…

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Tags: Crime or Violence, Dance, Ritual, War, Youth/Childhood

The final film in Friedland’s Movement Exercises trilogy, Trust Exercises is a hybrid experimental dance film which explores the tension between the poetics of group movement and its…

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Tags: Body, Dance, Performance