Nelson Henricks Videoworks: Volume 1

Nelson Henricks


Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: Consumer culture, Humor, Performance, Videoworks

Nelson Henricks Videoworks: Volume 1

"The videowork of Nelson Henricks, though quite varied in treatment and theme, has worked toward the articulation of a single concern: How can love fly through the air and be received by me?"

—Steve Reinke

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"Conspiracy Of Lies speaks of the alienation of minorities, of consumer culture, urban isolation and the fine balance between mental order and chaos. The video begins with a voice (my own) recounting…

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Tags: Consumer culture, LGBTQ, Gender, Sexuality, Mental Landscape

Nelson Henricks


1994| 00:12:00

"The video Emission found its origin in three performances which I wrote between 1988 and 1991. In their original form, the performances dealt with sex, romance, and communication technologies. The…

Collections: Single Titles
Tags: Body, Future, Language, Performance

Nelson Henricks


1994| 00:07:00

"This video in two parts is a newcomer's portrait of Montréal, and focuses on two of my architectural obsessions: the Hydro Québec building and the Métro. I spent my first winter in Montréal in a…

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Tags: Architecture, Autobiography, Humor, Language

Nelson Henricks


1995| 00:07:00

"Look at a landscape and imagine a different one there. Touch the body and let it slip from memory. Imagine a desert when what you see is winter. The filmmaker evokes a territory where fragile shifts…

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Tags: Autobiography, Memory