Nelson Henricks Videoworks: Volume 2


Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: Autobiography, Body, Diary, Experimental Film, LGBTQ, Sexuality, Videoworks

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Nelson Henricks Videoworks: Volume 2

Three of these four works form a trilogy that explores one of the principle metaphors of video: the window. The window is used to examine notions of knowledge, voyeurism, surveillance and time. In addition, Crush is a reflection on identity, what it means to be human.


Included Titles

Nelson Henricks
1997 | 12:00
Crush is the story of a man who wants to turn into an animal as told by the man himself, and one or two observers. He employs a variety of techniques to transform himself into a beast, including cutting off parts of his body, exercising, swimming;...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: body, consumer culture, sexuality

"Over the course of one year, I periodically shot footage from the front window of my third floor apartment. This material became the basis of Window, a video about knowing. How do we come to know a place or a person? Through repetition and...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: diary

Nelson Henricks
1999 | 10:35
Handy Man
Handy Man examines the window as a site of voyeurism and surveillance. With his Hi-8 camera, Henricks documents two workers in his interior courtyard. The camerawork has a secretive and furtive feel, treating the male body as an erotic object. This...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: body, lgbtq, sexuality, surveillance

Time Passes
Using a Super-8 camera, Henricks employs time-lapse photography to document the interior and exterior of his apartment. Inspired by the work of Virginia Woolf, Time Passes uses writing as a metaphor for notions of temporality and impermanence. This...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: autobiography, experimental film, literature, photography