The Surface Tension Trilogy

01:05:25 | 1 DVD

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Tags: Art History, Camp, LGBTQ, Performance, Sexuality

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The Surface Tension Trilogy

The Surface Tension Trilogy is comprised of three experimental videos tracking the rise and fall of the Weimar Era in Berlin through the perspectives of Frida Kahlo & Anita Berber, Hannah Hoch, and Leni Riefenstahl & Eva Braun, each of them women who lived and worked in the city at this time.

Experimenting with anachronistic modes of storytelling, these short films also play with queering the tropes of fact-based historicization. Clearly shot in present-day Berlin, the choice to enact stories, relationships, and experiences that "may" have happened suggests that history is made through the untold intimate moments of relationships. Posing questions concerning the usefulness of nostalgia, history as lived experience, and the way in which political and creative economy unfolds, The Surface Tension Trilogy looks at how history is discursive, hidden, and lived.


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Shot in the style of a silent film from the 1920s, Frida & Anita is a political fantasy, intersecting the lives of two queer radicals — Frida Kahlo and Anita Berber — who happen to meet one fateful Berlin night in 1924 at the infamous La Garcon...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: art history, camp, experimental film, lgbtq, sexuality

Liz Rosenfeld
2014 | 25:20
Set in East Berlin in 1977, this short experimental documentary interviews the Dadaist artist Hannah Höch as she reflects upon her experiences living and working during in 1920s Berlin. Höch compares the sociopolitical landscape of Berlin...


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Tags: art history, environment, landscape

Die Neue Frau, Liz Rosenfeld
1933. Berlin. The last year of the Wiemar Republic. Through the lense of her personal "home movies", Leni Riefenstahl records a day in her life with a young Eva Braun. Die Neue Frau is the third film in the The Surface Tension Trilogy, a three-...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: art history, history, lgbtq, performance