Kent Lambert Videoworks: Volume 1


Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: Culture Jamming, Humor, Multimedia, Technology, Videoworks

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Kent Lambert Videoworks: Volume 1

Lambert is a Chicago-based musician and media artist. His creative output primarily consists of vocal driven art-pop music and pop-inflected video art made from repurposed industrial and commercial media. This comprehensive collection of his works reflect, critique and ultimately transcend American zeitgeists and Lambert's own consumption within them.

“Sitting somewhere between these two styles [Animal Charm and Bryan Boyce] but inflected with the serialism of Steve Reich, Kent Lambert's videos are elaborate mood pieces evoking moments of strange joy or dread… In contrast to the limited-edition model of gallery video art, Lambert early on aligned himself with an anti-copyright ethos, ending his videos with a note that his works were in the public domain, and setting up a website to exhibit them freely. In this sense, he overlaps with a younger generation of artists who emerged as Internet natives, engaged with sharing video as a social activity.”

Ed Halter, “Recycle It,” Moving Image Source, July 2008

“Graced with a keen sense of editorial timing, Lambert uses his subject's own words to twist their egos into knots without going straight for the cheap laugh. But beyond humor, Lambert can turn his source material into sonic landscapes with a beat — à la EBN — and juxtapose images to unlock the cultural bias contained within.”

Jason Halprin, CINE-FILE, August 2009

Included Titles

Kent Lambert "Ken Burns Gives You Something"
In January 2001, the KEN BURNS’ JAZZ promotional blizzard hit New York City. Billboards, banners on buses, elaborate retail displays in book and record stores, feature coverage in every major print, radio and TV outlet, chatter around the water...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: consumer culture, music, remake

Condensed Movie #1
During my stint as an entry-level acquisitions scout at a now-defunct art house distribution company, I amassed a small collection of VHS tapes from a vast pool of unsolicited submissions. By the standards of the art house canon, these were very bad...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: experimental film, hollywood

Kent Lambert "Security Anthem"
Security Anthem’s requisite components came together relatively slowly. I’d known for years that I wanted to make something out of the Oto speakers’ most sinister, suggestive sentences. I’d taught myself to program music on a Game Boy using a...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: image processing, multimedia, politics, september 11th, war

Kent Lambert "Hymn of Reckoning"
In an interview I did earlier this year for the Milan Game Video/Art exhibition, I deflected a question about the connection between Hymn of Reckoning and Reckoning 3, discouraging the idea that there was much of a link between the two videos, apart...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: death and dying, politics, video games, war

Kent Lambert
2006 | 03:30
Kent Lambert "Sunset Coda"
After the shrieks and howls of Hymn of Reckoning, I felt that I needed to close out the Oto trilogy with a gentle flashback, to a 1980s sunset beach on a tropical island. The bulk of this video’s work was in animating the speech-bubbles so that they...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: family, language

Kent Lambert
2003 | 04:15
Kent Lambert "Gaijin"
Gaijin = A non-Japanese person. In 1984 I celebrated my eighth birthday on my mother's island. My Uncle Pat set a VHS camcorder up on a tripod and left it running to record the festivities. A year or two later, I accidentally recorded a snippet...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: family, travel, tv production, video games

Kent Lambert
2004 | 01:20
Kent Lambert "Majic"
In the spell of one of the most exquisite pop songs I know, with the most rudimentary of animation skills, I sought to produce a smooth and rapid transition from innocuous kindergarten silliness to faux-Lynchian horror. As with Gaijin, I exploited...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: animation, music

Kent Lambert
2004 | 00:35
Kent Lambert "Piracy"
Via Jonathan Pryce in elaborate costuming, Walt Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) unwittingly sounded a clear and full-throated argument for the appropriation of so-called intellectual property, for the video remix/rework/quotation, practices...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: consumer culture, found footage

Kent Lambert
2004 | 01:00
Kent Lambert "Teenagers"
Why do teenagers get drunk? "Like Gaijin, these five videos were made very quickly. My goal was to make all five of them in the span of a workweek, one video a night. If I remember correctly, I succeeded with all but one of them (it took me a few...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: youth/childhood

Biggest Night in Music
This video is part of the 5 Video Hits series. This piece still seems relevant to me somehow, perhaps because its main characters remain titans in the entertainment industry. But what of Janet Jackson, off-screen then and now?


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: music, television

Kent Lambert "Mother-in-Law Descending a Staircase"
This was the epitome of the one-video-a-night project: an un-altered home video clip set to a sped-up Game Boy version of a Roommate song, rendered as Video Art by Duchamp-derived title (suggested by the original wearer of the Pac-Man costume).


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: video games

Kent Lambert "Dudley Pippen"
Commissioned for the Ocularis curated Free to Be…You and Me Invitational compilation, which premiered at Brooklyn’s Galapagos Art Space and also screened at Chicago Filmmakers, where Mercedes Landazuri and I performed a banjo and synth rendition of...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: music, performance

I loved and was haunted by Jon Krakauer’s book Into the Wild and found Sean Penn’s cinematic adaptation to be absurdly overwrought. My original plan for condensing it was to string together all of its grandiose slow-motion shots. I quickly realized...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: hollywood, literature

Kent Lambert
2009 | 03:20
Kent Lambert "WHS VHS #1"
I made this piece within my first year of using Facebook. Dozens of people I’d thought I’d never hear from again were suddenly accessible to me in mystifyingly dynamic, flattened form. The cognitive dissonance wrought by this collision and collusion...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: media analysis, memory

Kent Lambert "Fantasy Suite"
Fantasy Suite was the last standard definition video I made from VHS tapes. Like WHS VHS #1, I made it to premiere at Roots & Culture’s Zummer Tapez, and speed manipulation figured heavily into its construction (the Bachelor material was not...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: found footage, humor, image processing, television