Soft Science

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Collection: Curated Compilations

Tags: Animation, Body, Future

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Soft Science

Soft Science is a collection of video-curiosities created by artists and scientists. Behind laboratory doors are some of the most astonishing "outsider" art projects around. Autopoetic bacteria, tethered flies, ebullient nanogears - these data gems create wonder, beauty - not to mention knowledge. Artists have been mining science for years - in diverse experiments with icky substances, authority figures, and the ever-elusive idea of Reason. This unique program includes digital movies by biologists alongside contemporary video art.

 "Transgressive and smart, playful and introspective, Soft Science toys with the body as organism and simulacrum. Artists who become "objects of their own experiment" perversely story themselves and their other characters in an intersection of personal experience and "scientific" representation. In the process of passing through skin, psychoanalyzing clones, and swallowing a fantasy bee (among other activities), Soft Science succeeds in collapsing, for a moment, our assumptions about subject versus object, the virtual versus the real, organism versus machine, nature versus culture."

--Juliet Davis, University of Tampa

Included Titles

Peter Brinson
2000 | 17:00
“It Did It explores my fictional character's story before and after I took Prozac. I used the scientific method to self-evaluate whether or not I needed anti-depressants while demonstrating how it affected my storytelling.” --Peter Brinson This...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: autobiography

Su Rynard
2003 | 05:45
Part science movie, part storybook, Bug Girl is an ecological fable. A young girl has lost her cat. While searching for it she accidentally swallows a bee--her journey suddenly transforms into a visual tumble through nature, biology, and...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: environment, youth/childhood

Re-Animation 3, 4 & 2
Re-Animation 3,4, & 2 are short animations created by looping images of dead insects taken from the artist’s own amateur entomological collections. Each frame of video within a loop is an image of a separate insect in its own distinct contortion...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: animation, photography

Sean Dockray
2003 | 02:00
Ameising 1
Ant paths sketch a fading pheromonal portrait of a colony. This title is only available on Soft Science.  


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: animals, science

Part cloning experiment, part documentary, Stories from the Genome follows an unnamed CEO-geneticist whose company sequenced the Human Genome in 2003 — a genome that secretly was his own. Not satisfied with this feat, the scientist self-replicates...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: aging, body, death and dying, future, science

Torsten Zenas Bu... + 1 other
2004 | 10:30
Torsten Zenas Burns & Darrin Martin, I Am Today's Lesson Plan
Steve Seid of Pacific Film Archive calls it, “An episodic adventure about extra-evolutionary transformation. Organized as 'lesson plans’, this unique work is an ambitious tutorial for the neo-nauts of inner space." This title is only available on...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: body, performance

Jim Trainor
1998 | 08:00
The Bats details the mating habits of flying mammals in an abandoned Mayan temple in the 14th Century. This title is only available on Soft Science.


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: animation, architecture, experimental film

Rachel Mayeri + 1 other
2004 | 04:00
The Soft Science “Cinema of Attractions” is a series of short movies by scientists. Commission and concept by Rachel Mayeri, electronic compositions and musical accompaniment by Joe Milutis. Many of the videos can be found on the web, posted...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: documentary, science