Ximena Cuevas: Dormimundo Vol. 1 (Sleepworld Vol 1.)


Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: Body, Gender, Hollywood, Latino/Chicano, Media Analysis, Mental Landscape, Performance, Sexuality

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Ximena Cuevas: Dormimundo Vol. 1 (Sleepworld Vol 1.)

"If there's something big, big that you want to reach for, you begin by dreaming." —Ivonne and Ivette

"The discomfort in Sleepworld Volume 1 is that of being oneself. The videos included here look at who we are and what we imagine we are. They are experiments in appearances, about the use of artifice to improve life or hide it. It is a reflection on moral displacement, hypocrisy, self-contained dreams, self-loathing, self-destruction in order to repeatedly kill our dreams.

Formally, this is an exercise in automaticism. My camera reveals reality developing over real time. Seven of the nine videos included in this series were completed in less than a month as chance operations. They are pure documents that use life as a laboratory. In addition, I created a self-imposed assignment to complete things the same night that I began."

- Ximena Cuevas, 1999

Included Titles

Ximena Cuevas
1998 | 01:54
Cama (Bed)
"The life of objects intrigues me. Apparently inanimate, they adopt the souls, actions and lifestyles of their keepers. Here, a bed testifies to what goes on behind the closed door of a decent family's bedroom." —Ximena Cuevas


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: family, sexuality

Estamos Para Servile (We're Here to Serve You)
"I made this video after assisting at a conference where the artists acted like flies in a barnyard. They gathered tropical fruits to make it less disagreeable for themselves." —Ximena Cuevas


Collection: Single Titles


Contemporary Artist
After working in solitude at the studio, the artist leaves, uncomfortable with the idea of having to put on a face for the art world, where they expect you to say something articulate in order to grab the curator's attention.


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: humor

Ximena Cuevas
1999 | 02:03
"You don't have to go to Hawaii to be in Hawaii. Nor do you have to be sensual to feel sensual. You look the way you are supposed to look. The sensuality of Hawaii completely fascinates me in this video." —Ximena Cuevas


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: expedition/travel

Destino (Fate)
Erase the 1940s. The desire to better appearances. To try to record a love story. It's in this way that a facial can become the biggest remaining pleasure. This title is also available on Ximena Cuevas: Dormimundo Vol. 1 (Sleepworld Vol. 1), Ximena...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: body

Natural Instincts
This is a video of musical terror where I superficially — this is the beginning of a larger project —l look at one of the Mexican phenomena that horrifies me the most: internalized racism, being ashamed of one's own roots. The fantasy of waking up...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: latino/chicano, race

Alma Gemela (Soul Mate)
The innocence of creating a mirror, only to repeatedly crush it underfoot. This title is also available on Ximena Cuevas: Dormimundo Vol. 1 (Sleepworld Vol. 1), Ximena Cuevas: El Mundo del Silencio (The Silent World), and Half-Lies: The Videoworks...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: conceptual art, youth/childhood

El Diablo en la Piel (Devil in the Flesh)
"The palms of Lana Turner's hands were full of scars; the technique she used in order to achieve melodrama was to tighten her fists, digging her fingernails into them until she began to cry. Day after day, soap opera actresses smear Vick's Vaporub...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: latino/chicano

Calzada de Kansas (Kansas Avenue)
Dorothy doesn't reach her dream of the Emerald City. Rather, she will have already been over the rainbow by the time she arrives at the worst corner in Kansas. This title is also available on Ximena Cuevas: Dormimundo Vol. 1 (Sleepworld Vol. 1),...


Collection: Single Titles


Prizes + Awards

Jurors' Citation Award - 19th Black Maria Film and Video Festival

Exhibitions + Festivals

OutFest (LA, CA.), 2000