Film Work 1975-2011 Ken Kobland

Ken Kobland


Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: Autobiography, City, Diary, Environment, Expedition/Travel, Film or Videomaking, Future, Landscape, Literature, Memory, Performance

Film Work 1975-2011 Ken Kobland

Ken Kobland has been working in various aspects of film and video since 1971, creating productions in collaboration with performing artists such as Philip Glass, the Wooster Group, Elizabeth LeCompte, and Spalding Gray. His work explores a variety of themes and issues, often embracing a photographic aesthetic within the context of video. Beautifully edited, his work merges diaristic and documentary categories, presenting an art of video that approximates photo-journalism. 

This 7-DVD box set contains the following titles from the artist:

Disc 1

Moscow X, 1994, 57:00

Buildings and Grounds, 2003, 44:00

Disc 2

STUPA (Burial Mound), 1992, 60:50

Piece for Spald (audio only), 2004, 9:40

Flushed-at-Once, 2002, 00:54

Disc 3

Berlin: Tourist Journal, 1988, 19:00

The Toy Sun, 2011, 33:00

End Credits, 1994, 7:00

Disc 4

Flaubert Dreams of Travel, 1986, 20:00

Ideas of Order in Cinque Terre, 2005, 31:30

Disc 5

Foto-Roman, 1990, 26:30

ARISE! Walk Dog / Eat Donut, 1999, 30:00

Landscape and Desire, 1980, 37:00

Disc 6

Frame, 1975, 10:00

The Shanghaied Text, 1996, 21:00

Near and Far / Now and Then, 1979, 19:00

Disc 7

Vestibule (in 3 episodes), 1978 21:30

The Communists are Comfortable, 1984, 54:40

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Included Titles

Ken Kobland

Moscow X

1993| 00:57:00

A camcorder diary and chronicle of public opinion in Moscow during a time of huge political, economic, and hence cultural, changes in the former Soviet Union. The tape reveals Kobland's own…

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"...a rumination, a series of borrowed 'dialogues' out of an ongoing argument with myself. It meanders, mentally and physically, reflecting on the conditions of being human; on transience,…

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Tags: Autobiography, Environment, Film or Videomaking, Landscape

Ken Kobland


1992| 01:00:46

A one-hour heliocopter flight over the suburban sprawl of Long Island to Fresh Kills, the New York City Landfill on Staten Island; accompanied by an operatic audio-mix of bad-mouth talk-radio mayhem…

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Tags: City

This video is a response to Kobland’s experiences as a DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) fellow in West Berlin. A journalistic collection of impressions of a haunted place, the tape…

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Drawing from Flaubert's The Temptation of Saint Anthony, his letters, travel journals, and biography, this video layers fantasy, sexual obsession, morbidity, Romanticism, and boredom alongside the…

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Tags: Literature, Performance

Ken Kobland

Foto Roman

1990| 00:28:00

“Think of it as a prologue to a sleazy thriller. A sort of shaggy-dog plot of voyeuristic atmospheres.” This video is about the voyeuristic license of the camera: exposing, uncovering, glimpsing…

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Film and video maker Ken Kobland returns to the urban landscapes he filmed 20 years previously, such as the New York subway and the S-Bahn in Berlin. We leave, we travel, but it’s always the same…

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Tags: City, Diary, Expedition/Travel, Landscape, Memory

Ken Kobland

Shanghaied Text

1996| 00:19:47

A self-described “collage piece” of “stolen images,” Shanghaied Text starts with quiet Montana landscapes, among which are views of a powerful dam. When the dam breaks loose you find yourself “…

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Tags: Future, Landscape