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Tags: Architecture, Body, Dance, Gender, Humor, Language, Love, Memory, Mental Landscape, Performance, Philosophy, Race


An original program for VDB TV curated by Rachael Rakes and Leo Goldsmith. These striking videos each examine a force of feeling which is beyond emotion or affect, and which often elicit physical sensation.

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C.L.U.E. (color location ultimate experience), Part 1 is a collaborative video and performance work by artists A.L. Steiner and robbinschilds, with AJ Blandford and Seattle-based band Kinski.…

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Tags: Architecture, Body, Dance, Gender, Landscape, Music, Performance

An audience-interactive game of Mad Libs, with support from a linguistically challenged newcomer. We replace various parts of speech in newspaper articles to create new, customized meanings.This…

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Tags: Humor, Language, Performance

In Dani Leventhal’s Platonic, geometric specters twirl in space; pet cats foam at the mouth; a little boy mistakes his junkie dad for a superhero; and a confused adolescent worries he has sired a…

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Tags: Love, Mental Landscape, Portrait

Second and Lee is a cautionary tale about when not to run. It uses archival reportage and voiceover recollection to trace through repetitive corridors of presumption, justice and judgment. Cast:…

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Tags: African-American, Crime or Violence, Found Footage, Race

John Smith

Dad's Stick

2012| 00:04:54

Dad’s Stick features three objects that my father showed me shortly before he died. Two of these were so well-used that their original forms and functions were almost completely obscured. The third…

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Tags: Autobiography, Death and Dying, Family, Memory, Painting

Standing on the brink of elimination, the suspense threatening to fracture their composure, contestants wait and see if they will be going home. The audience at home is also waiting... Part two of…

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Tags: Found Footage, Media Analysis, Television

Dan Sandin

Spiral PTL

1980| 00:07:00

Short for "Probably The Last" (of the series), Spiral PTL uses the image processor like a musical instrument to create variations on a spiral, transforming its basic form into an ever-moving gyro.…

Collections: Early Video Art, Single Titles
Tags: Image Processing, Music, Video History

Super 8mm film transferred to digital video. Installation composed of footage from three separate sequences that interweave frame by frame. Shot in the interiors of empty homes in Amman, Jordan.…

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Tags: Food

Emily Vey Duke + 1 other

Lesser Apes

2011| 00:12:43

Lesser Apes tells the story of a love affair between a primatologist, Farrah, and a female bonobo ape, Meema. Bonobos are the species with which humans share the most DNA, but unlike our species,…

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Tags: Animation, Humor, Language, Music, Sexuality, Nature, Love, Animals, Blu-ray

Thornton asks viewers to question how one sees “space" — whether literally or figuratively — and what is being revealed? Images of a sonogram session grant viewers access to what is typically…

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Tags: Body, Future, Science, Holiday

Moving Stories strings together scenes of passenger aircraft in flight.  In this short study of the dramatic and narrative power of image and sound, Provost manipulates cinema language and…

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Tags: Expedition/Travel, Found Footage, Love